Welcome to Northen Life RP, a custom scripted GTA5 FiveM Roleplaying server. The Northen Life RP server is hosted for the talented roleplayers of GTA5 – allowing you as a player to choose your destiny and roleplay with other real players & content creators.

Our Roleplaying server has some of the best custom-coded scripts allowing you to take full advantage of real whitelisted Police, Medic and Mechanic jobs… whilst also giving you the ability to become apart of a thriving RP gang –  with added benefits of learning about drug locations and the black market. 

Our community has grown substansually since we first opened, with our Discord being the center vocal point for all of our roleplaying members, with over 6+ active admins and support staff we’re constantly ensuring the server is maintained with optimal performance, whilst also making sure each & every RP member can enjoy roleplaying without FailRP hiccups. 

From the up-keep of the server -to every new update we roll out, every single donation so far has helped to propelle this server and the community spirit for many months to come, we would like to encourage anyone who helps by Donating with special discord roles and priviliages. 

Help Keep NLRP Running! Donate to become a Partner! 

Become apart of the fastest growing GTA 5 Modded Server!

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