Northern Life RP has come a long way over the past few months from a grand idea to becoming one of the best British role-playing servers in the FiveM server list. Grand Theft Auto V fans will be able to enjoy role-playing with our custom British themed RP server which will allow you to become whoever you want to be – from Lawyers, Police, NHS, Mechanics, Taxi ranks… or if you fancy becoming a criminal there’s even gangs you can join that’ll allow you to unlock special locations shared only between gang members across the map.

The Northern Life RP Community

Connecting GTA5 members with the talented role-players and streamers around the world, our strong community is built around the stories of in-game fanatics which unfold as random & planned events take place around the map
We also have a Discord server which allows regular member of the city to interact with other RPers that like to share their creativity and build better connections for RP situations.
Unlike most public run FiveM servers we have strict Role-playing Rules which help improve the quality of every RP situation, protecting your valuable life throughout the time on the server. We discourage anyone breaking character or engage in completely meaningless violence.. so don’t do it otherwise the Government Officials turn up!

The Recent Updates

  • Added British shops around the map
  • Added Legion Square visual upgrades
  • Added Nightclub to the docks with Nightclub Jobs
  • Scripted our own Dirty money wash
  • Added additional blips
  • Nerfed all Drug Prices
  • Modified NHS Roles/Pay
  • Added 2 new supers cars – Pagani Huayra & Bugatti Chiron
  • Added /engine /trunk /hood /lock /save commands
  • Added New Phone System w/ Working phone calls!
  • Added Subaru Impreza to Police Garage
  • Added Lawyer to online jobs display
  • Increased Weapon Prices
  • Added Following cars to Custom shop:
    • Nissan GTR R32 Rocket Bunny
    • Mazda RX7 Veilside
    • Mazda RX7 RocketBunny
    • Honda Civic EM1
  • Added Cars:
    • Vapid FlashGT
    • Guardian
    • Vapid Contender
    • Overflod Tyrant
    • Hijak Ruston
    • Pfister Comet SR
    • Benefactor Dubsta 6×6
    • Benefactor Schlagen
    • Mercedes C63
    • Audi R8v10 Liberty Walk
    • Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 Spider
    • Liberty Walk Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4
    • Rocket Bunny V3 BRZ
    • 2015 BMW F82 M4
    • 2016 BMW X6M
    • 2016 Porsche 911 Turbo S
    • Ferrari 488 Mansory SIRACUSA 4XX
    • Mercedes AMG GT S Mansory
    • Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2011
    • Subaru WRX STi 2017
  • Added a wide range of Police & NHS Vehicles (also buffed)
  • Doubled + Buffed Bank Robbery & Jewellery store Payout
  • Added Custom police uniforms
  • OneSync FiveM Server Enabled
  • Server set to 64 slot
  • Removed Pistol from Ammu-Nation (Contact gangs to buy weapons)
  • Added Gang Buildings (Armoury and garages)
  • Changed police alert colours (Colour blind friendly)
  • Added Cruise control
  • Added Seat belt Sounds
  • Added new voice chat [F11] to toggle Proximity
  • Cleaned up HUD (minimal looking)
  • Mini map only visible in vehicle
  • Moved the Black Market & All Prices Increased
  • New Inventory , New Police Search UI
  • Added a new Script to NPAS that allows them to grapple down and have a thermal vision (police helicopter)
  • Added Extended Police Department
  • Added new Ban system for admins
  • Added Advanced Medical for EMS [/med ID]

NLRP British FiveM RP Server

As you can see already, there’s been a lot of progress over the past few months with big thanks to Dingle, Marv & the staff team.. our new 64 slot FiveM RP server is thriving with new characters every single day. Our Developers, Administrators and Staff will ensure that you have one of the best British roleplaying moments on FiveM.
If you want to join NLRP you can find out how to join here.