NLRP Rules

  1. You must have fully working microphone in-game.
  2. You are not allowed to metagame by acquiring Out Of Character (OOC) Information and using them in character (IC) as an advantage.
  3. You are not allowed to power game on the server.
  4. Do not VDM (Vehicle Deathmatch) anyone. VDM is killing or attempting to kill someone with your vehicle. You are also not allowed to kill people from inside your vehicle.
  5. Do not break New Life Rule (NLR). After your character dies, your character can’t remember anything which happened before the death.
  6. Respect staff members and community members. If you end up in admin situation, do not speak over admin.
  7. Do not Combat Log. Leaving server when engaged in a scenario. For example, you leave the server before you respawn, leave server while being kidnapped, etc…
  8. GTA Driving. Do not drive in an excessive amount of speed, disregard for all traffic laws, performing GTA jumps, smashing into Residents’ or Local’s (NPC’s) cars and continuing to drive as nothing happened. This is considered as FailRP and you will be punished with 1-hour ban or above.
  9.  Store/Bank robberies. Initiation starts as soon as the silent alarm goes off. All members involved with a robbery must be inside the bank/store to be considered as part of the RP scenario. However, you are allowed to stay outside as a lookout or getaway driver.
  10. Terrorist Roleplay is strictly forbidden. You will be permanently banned from the server.
  11. Breaking RP. You are not allowed to break RP by any circumstance unless the scenario is stopped by a staff member. Doing so will result in a minimum of 3-hour ban from the server.
  12. Vehicles are not allowed to be inside the interior while robbing a bank or store. This will be counted as FailRP.
  13. You are not allowed to forcibly take money from people bank accounts.
  14. You are not allowed to steal any Police/EMS vehicle. This will lead to a minimum of 4-hour ban.
  15. RDM (Random Death Match) is killing/trying to kill someone without any proper RP reason.
  16. You are always IC (In-Character) and not allowed to go OOC unless talking to an admin
  17. You are not allowed to camp truckers delivery points.
  18. If you like to report someone on the server, please use the Discord ticket system or in-game /report. If no one replying for longer then 10 minutes sends message to any online staff member.
  19. Do Not Rob Emergency service or police … anyone found with police grade items will be banned from the server !

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